Jazz Rescue is an acoustic, vintage jazz trio. Performing your favorite jazz tunes from the 1920’s, 30’s, and 40’s, with a few originals and contemporary songs in that vein, the rhythm jumps and swings and the vocal harmonies sing with Mikki Feeney on violin, Dave Pierce on rhythm guitar, and Mark Springer on bass. All three members take it in turns to sing lead or harmony vocals, resulting in a sound unique among jazz trios. And if your tappin’ toes lead you to dancing, well, we aint about to stop you.

Jazz Rescue grew out of a collaboration between Dave Pierce and Mikki Feeney, two of the founding members of the folk/folk-rock acoustic trio, Untethered. Mikki had wanted to branch out into vintage jazz for some time, and in September of 2014 she proposed the idea of developing an act as vintage jazz duo, performing jazz from the 1920's, 30's, & 40's, as well as originals and contemporary songs that are in that style. Many of their early  arrangements were for guitar, violin, and two-part vocal harmonies. Despite the richness one can bring to a piece with just two performers, they frequently found themselves longing for a bass player to fill out their sound.

In May of  2015, Dave and Mikki recruited bassist Mark Springer. The rhythm really jumps with Mark on bass and with his voice Jazz Rescue now has three part vocal harmonies and so much more innovation available to express. This trio is excited and exciting! Stay tuned. This combo is going to cook!

While Jazz Rescue has become their primary music project, it does not replace Untethered for either Mikki or David. They continue to rehearse and perform with Untethered, weekly.